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The addition of dry feed enzyme phytase-C for poultry

The addition of dry feed enzyme phytase-C for poultry

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerФермент ООО
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • TypeEnzyme
  • ApplicationPoultry farming

Multienzyme composition:

Fekord - 2004 - C (group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4)

Fekord 2004
Fekord - 2012 - C (group 1, group 2)
Fekord - 2012 - P (group 1, group 2)
Fekord - 2015 - B (group 1, group 2)
Fekord concentrate (GL1, GL2, M1, M2, C1, C2, F1, F2)
Phytase - C (group 1, group 2, group 3)


Multi - enzyme compositions FEKORD ® and phytase ® are designed for insertion into the feed of poultry of different gender and age groups in order to optimize feeding and the challenges and problems of the poultry.

The high level of mortality and culling due to metabolic and digestion of food. Inappropriate feeding practices lead to a deterioration in the quality of the litter, foot problems, pododermatita, inflammation of the joints and muscles of the chest.

High feed costs . In the cost structure of production of poultry farming feed costs account for about 70% , so their rational use - a decisive condition for improving the profitability of the production of eggs and poultry meat.

Not a stable food supply . Food supply - is the composition, the quantity and quality of food resources, as well as a system of production and use of feed. The lack of a reliable food supply largely determines the decrease in effectiveness and competitiveness of poultry farms.

The low digestibility of forages . On feed digestibility is influenced by many factors - species, age, individual characteristics of the birds, feeding conditions during growth, composition and properties of feed. The presence in the feed antinutrients - non - starch polysaccharides and phytate - reduce the overall digestibility of the feed to 60% .

Poor Shell Quality in economic terms - is a considerable loss for the manufacturer. On shell quality is affected primarily diet composition, the quantity and quality of calcium and phosphorus and other minerals, age birds in the poultry house climate, epizootic situation.

Enrichment of poultry diets with exogenous enzymes - is the optimization of nutrition and yield growth of poultry enterprise.

Reduced feed conversion

A significant reduction in price the cost of feed

Increasing the safety of livestock

Height and weight gain increased productivity

The enzyme feed additives are an essential component in the production of fodder and fodder mixtures for the cleavage of non - starch polysaccharides and feed fortification. This is due to the physicochemical properties of additives:

· Cellulase activity,

· Xylanase activity,

· Β - glucanase activity

· Glucoamylase activity

· Α - amylase activity,

· Protease activity,

· Mannanaznaya activity

· Phytase activity.

OPTIMIZATION OF FEEDING by applying compositions multiehnzimnyh FEKORD solves a number of problems:

· Hydrolytic cleavage of arabinoxylans and β - glucans, celluloses and other non - starch polysaccharides feed;

· Destruction of the cell walls, thereby increasing the accessibility of the starch contained therein, protein and fats to influence digestive enzymes;

· A significant increase absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals;

· An increase in the availability of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates; release of phosphorous from phytate by the action of phytase;

· A better absorption of nutrients; increasing metabolizable energy of feed grain;

· Improving the nutritional value of diets by 5 - 10% .

OPTIMIZATION OF FEEDING - is improving product quality while reducing veterinary costs:

· Strengthening bone, accelerating formation of muscle tissue, shell quality improvement;

· Compensation for deficiency of digestive enzymes in the early stages of development and the birds under stress;

· Improve microflora in the intestine due to reduction of viscosity and increase content level of monosaccharides;

· Reduction of intestinal diseases and, consequently, in drug needs;

· Decrease in litter moisture, improving the quality of litter and foot health;

· Improving the quality indicators of meat, poultry, shell quality.

OPTIMIZATION OF FEEDING gives a significant economic impact and growth of profitability of poultry farming, proved:

· Reduction of the specific feed consumption per unit of output;

· A significant reduction in price of the cost of animal feed;

· Decrease the need for phosphorus supplementation 5 - 8 times without loss of quality of feed;

· Increase the safety of livestock and reduction of rejection; reducing the number of dirty eggs;

· Elimination of anti - nutritional factors of freshly harvested corn in the composition of animal feed;

· Unstability even in the presence of base and aft difficult digestible ingredients (unbalanced feeding) it is possible to maintain a stable level of production efficiency;

· Poultry productivity growth - proven to increase weight gain, egg weight and egg production, shortening the fattening.

In addition, the impact of the problems are solved on the environment:

· Improvement of sanitary and hygienic state of production facilities;

· Improvement of the environment due to better assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus poultry body and reducing emission of these substances in the environment.

· Improves the digestibility of forages

· Adjust the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract

· It is necessary for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory diseases

· Is a detoxifier (adsorbent) any feed

· Can be used in various ways - with food, milk, drinking water and aerosol.

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The addition of dry feed enzyme phytase-C for poultry
The addition of dry feed enzyme phytase-C for poultry
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