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Compared to the other two classes, knitted fabrics are much more elastic, which accounts for their historical use in stockings and other clothing that requires changes in shape. Hence, dresses and lingerie made from knitted fabrics can be more form-fitting than counterparts made from a woven fabric. Knitted fabrics can stretch, depending on their material and knitting pattern, up to 500 percent of their original size.Lace knitting generally produces the most flexible fabric, since it has large holes that can deform in shape; by contrast,cable knitting generally produces the least flexible fabric, since the stitches are crossed under tension, which inhibits deformation. Knitted fabrics that do not deform much are called stable knits. For comparison, woven fabrics typically deform only along their bias direction-i.e., at 45° to the warp and weft directions-and only by a small amount; however, a woven fabric made with an elastane fibre may deform more than a stable knit.

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