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Buy Sheave Wheels for Mine Hoisting
Sheave Wheels for Mine Hoisting

Sheave Wheels for Mine Hoisting

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Our Head Sheaves and Deflection Sheaves come in many sizes to suit whatever size rope you may be using, from 1000mm to 6500mm in diameter. And even if these sizes don’t match your needs, you can have something made to a larger size. Our sheaves are made to withstand a load equal to the breaking strength of the rope, which ensures safe use. In order to better protect the steel wire rope and reduce the wear of the steel wire rope, our company adopts KP - 09 ultra - high polymer sheave lining. This is the best material available

In addition to meeting individual needs, Mine Shaft Rope Sheaves are long - lasting. Sheaves from other sources occasionally need premature replacement, lasting only partially through the life of a mine shaft. Conversely, Our sheaves are known for lasting longer than the mine shaft they are installed in. Because the sheaves have such a long life, it’s possible to reuse them in a new location where they can perform well for some time longer. This is extremely cost - effective.


Considering the dynamic cyclic loading and fatigue stresses for the specific duty these sheaves must endure, solid modeling and finite element analysis are applied with each sheave design as standard practice. All sheaves are non - destructively examined and put through a rigorous quality assurance program.

  1. Headgear sheave wheels up to 6.5 metre outside diameter in a single or cluster format 
  2. Doubling down sheave wheels 
  3. Compensating sheave wheels (all including spindles and bearing) 
  4. Kibble sheave wheels 
  5. Stage sheave wheel assemblies (headgear and stage mounted)
    On - site checking and engineer reports on existing installations 
  6. Re - conditioning of existing installations


1) Available in one - piece, split two - piece or multi - segmented designs. 2) Replaceable rope groove lining systems in Superpolymer material. 3) All sheave weldments to be thermally stress - relieved prior to machining. 4) Sheave construction materials to be ultra - sonic inspected - 100% surface coverage. 5) All weld application to be NDE inspected using magnetic particle techniques. 6) Final paint coating application to consist of two - coat epoxy paint system over a sandblast prepared substrate.

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Sheave Wheels for Mine Hoisting
Sheave Wheels for Mine Hoisting
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