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Lysolecithin through Enzymetic Hydrolysis of Lecithin & Enhances excellent Emulsification and absorption of dietary lipid from the digestive tract.
Previously chemical additives to animal feeds stuffs have been used as growth promoters or feed enhancers. Therefore, this practice involved the use of synthetically manufactured microbial antibiotics. In addition to these, now a day's several new growth promoters are being produced including bio-catalysts which increases the new amount of available nutrients. Prathista Industries Ltd, a well establishes biotechnology company has developed non hormonal, naturally occurring Animal Feed Stuff additive PRO-LYSO (Lysolecithin) with the technical support of CSIR (IICT-Hyderabad), which has growth promoting, disease resistance / an longevity properties, when fed to poultry/ cattle/shrimp & others etc.
As a result of the preferential effectiveness in destabilizing the membranes of gram positive bacteria (due primarily to the relative thinness of their membranes) together with an increased uptake of nutrients and the consequent decrease in acetate to proportionate ratio, there is an increase both in yield of milk and in the consequent decrease in acetate to proportionate ratio, there is an increase both in yield of milk and in the percentage of protein and fat per unit of milk produced by lactating animals compared to milk produced by animals prior to additional of PRO LYSO.
In addition, Calcium & Magnesium extraction rates from the rumen or stomach and other parts of the alimentary tract are improved substantially with low doses of PRO LYSO PRO LYSO can also be used in conjunction with other known growth promoters in order to increase the efficiency of these promoters and also to lower the dosage of other promoters administered. PRO LYSO helps in enhancing the transmission of Pharmaceutical & Veterinary formulations (such as anti biotic drugs) across the cell membranes of an animal. As a result PRO LYSO can increase the efficiency and decrease the dosage of these formulation when used in therapeutically effective amount.
PRO LYSO will improve lipid utilization not only through improved emulsification of fat but also by influencing the mobilization of lipids (ex. Cholesterol & triglycerides) from the midgut gland to the hemolymph and other extra hepatic tissues. PRO LYSO permits the use of lipids in the feed up to 10-12% without hampering the utilization of fat.


500gms - 1kg per ton of feed

5years, if stored in cool, dry place.


PRO LYSO is available in 1-25 kgs packings.

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Pro Lyso
Pro Lyso
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