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Broad use of aluminum in the industry, first of all, is connected with its large natural reserves, and also set of chemical, physical and speed-torque characteristics. Aluminum on the content in crust (~ 8,8%) is one of the most widespread metals (for comparison, for example, of iron in crust of 4,65% - twice less). It is necessary to carry its small density (2,7 g/cm3), rather high strength characteristics to advantages of aluminum and its alloys, good warm and conductivity, technological effectiveness, high corrosion resistance. Set of these properties allows to carry aluminum to number of the major engineering materials. Doping elements in aluminum alloys are: manganese, copper, lithium, zinc, magnesium, silicon, iron, nickel, etc., the modifying additives - titanium, zirconium, pine forest, etc. The chemical elements considered at research of bondability of aluminum and its alloys are divided into three groups: Doping elements - specially entered into aluminum (or alloys) additives (as a rule, more than 0,5-1%) for receiving the necessary key properties in the created alloy (Mg, Cu, Si, Zn, etc.). Modifiers are such specially entered elements, as a rule less than 1%, for obtaining special properties of material. These small additives influence kinetics of disintegration of supersaturated solid solution and consequently, change an alloy structure, mechanical, corrosion, technology and other properties of material (it is necessary to carry to them Mn, Zr, Cr, Ti, V and some rare-earth elements). Impurity - the elements which are present at alloys (as a rule, less than 0,5%) which specially were not entered, and have got along with aluminum or the alloying and modifying elements as their satellites from a blend (Fe, Si, Na, Sn, Bi, etc.) . All existing aluminum alloys on their technology properties divide into two groups: processed by pressure (deformable) and foundry. Wrought alloys separate also into the following groups: 1) technical aluminum; 2) aluminum-manganese alloy of AMTs; 3) alyuminiyevomagniyevy alloys (magnolias); are designated by letters AMG (with the digit specifying percent of content of magnesium. If there is no digit, then it is less than 2,5% of magnesium in an alloy; 4) the avial type with magnesium and silicon: AD31, ADZZ, AD35 and A8 (the last includes a little copper); 5) with copper and magnesium like duralumin, designated by a letter D with the digit specifying number of an alloy, for example D1, D16; 6) high-strength aluminum alloys which, except aluminum, three more components enter: zinc, magnesium and in most cases copper; it is designated by a letter B with digit, for example B92 (without copper); B95; 7) forging (heat resisting), designated by letters of joint stock company with digit (AK2, AK4, etc.) and applied to forgings and stampings. Buy the Plate aluminum legko:1. You send zayavku2. We expose to you schet3. You pay convenient for you sposobom4. You receive the goods the Most important that you need to know about the BVB-alliance company. • Deliverable metal rolling constantly is available, and is stored "about 2000 tons" in a warehouse. • Own production of a professional flooring. • We offer a payment delay "about one month". • We do everything possible for minimization of terms of processing and delivery. • We carry out metal cutting in the size and according to your drawings. • We provide service of safe custody in the covered warehouse. • We offer the loyalty program allowing to receive discounts for purchase, processing or delivery of metal rolling. Advantages of work with nami:1. Goods available on sklade2. Official garantiya3. High quality tovarov4. Operational dostavka5. The program aluminum you can specify the loyalnostiaktualny price on the Plate at our manager. The final price of products forms, proceeding from terms of delivery: quantity, terms of payment and place of shipment. Ask the manager. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of the p. 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

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Plate aluminum
Plate aluminum
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