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Lead Acid Battery Charger with Pulsar

Now you can restore partially weak or totally worn out / dead batteries with Srisms battery rejuvenator products. At present these are tested and recommended for inverter batteries up to 200Ah.

Srisms - Battery Charger with Pulsar - Special charger to charge battery

This is not useful if there is any short circuit in the battery or the plate's separator is totally worn out or the battery is grown in size or over charged.

Srisms battery charger is designed to charge poor-functional batteries or batteries which have lost their rated capacity. In this condition even exchange rate is too less. This is a12V rated one and is to be used only for 12V rated lead acid batteries only. It is better to use Srisms battery liquid along with Srisms pulsar with charger to charge the battery. In this way the battery rejuvenates at a quicker pace and the charge stays long. Since this is 12V 5amp rated one and takes about 20hours (approx) to fully charge a 100Ah battery-working battery (charging timing is not constant for each battery due to various conditions). This is useful for slow charging only.

Results will vary largely depending upon the function of the battery and other issues. In most conditions results will come only after a two weeks or so. This is a slow acting principle and will not give you instant results. Can be used for newer batteries also but you will not know the results of the pulsar hence recommended to be used when you find the capacity / back-up time of the inverter has come down. This generally happens after the warranty period. However these conditions may change due to many factors.

This is useful for batteries in vehicles, trucks, fork lift vehicles, inverter batteries, emergency vehicles, boats etc where ever there is regular charging of lead acid batteries.This is one answer for common questions like:

How to revive a dead battery, how to bring a low efficiency battery to life again, how to rejuvenate a battery, how to make a dead lead acid battery come alive again, bring back to life, making battery to work for you more, how to improve the life of a battery, how to improve the efficiency the battery, how to prolong the life of lead acid battery, how to recharge a battery,

NOTE: The pulsar can bring interference to other type of electronic circuits or gadgets, hence keep away any other electronic goods while operating / charging the battery with this unit
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