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The feet have been considered as the second heart of the human body in traditional Chinese medicine as over 360 acupuncture point in our body, more than 60 points on the soles with the reflective zones of major internal organs.

Healthcare detox foot patch includes bamboo vinegar essence extracted from nature bamboo which has strong infiltration and expels toxin functions. When the blood circulates to the soles, the Detox Foot Patch absorbs toxin released from the acupuncture points with lasting efficiency up to 8 hours. Depending on the individual, the detox may require two or three days to two or three weeks or longer in the case of more severe toxicity build-UPS. Overall lymphatic detoxes through the feet can take up to 30 days for the average person. Just only one night of body detox, there may be significant changes to the smell and color of the patch (from brownish to grayish black) as it reflects the amount and degrees of toxins which were drawn from the body. With continuous usage, there should be a visible reduction in the stain and odor of the patch. Sticking the foot patches during sleeping time will get better effect, because the sleep enables the body on a horizontal line, the circulation result is strengthened greatly.

These wonderful patches absorb the harmful toxins and waste products from the body in a fast and easy manner. Non invasive, it is safe and reliable using this product without side effect. Continues to use long time until the medical patch color becomes light which explained the toxin has been eliminated.

Normally Function :

1. Promote metabolism 2. Slim 3. Expulsion of toxin in body 4. Healthy skincare 5. Dissipate fatigue and good sleep 6. Eliminate damp
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Foot Patch
Foot Patch
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