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Technical characteristics
  • PurposeNonfood
ADD-ECO 5517
Add-Eco 5517 is Economical & Effective Defoamer. It is an emulsion of Activated Silicone Oil with blend of proprietary surfactants. It not only burst the Foams but controls re-generation of Foam.
Technical data
Appearance : Viscous Flowing Emulsion
Colour : Milky white
Type of Emulsion : Noionic
Specific Gravity : 0.94 ± 0.02
pH of 2% Solution : 7.0 ± 1
Flash Point : Not Applicable
Diluent : Cool Water
Dose Level:
0.3 to 0.8% is sufficient to Defoam and control re-generation of Foam. However, final dose level will vary depending upon type & quantity of Surfactant present in the system. It is suggested to determine Final Dose Level by conducting Trials.
Application Industries:
Pulp & Paper Processing, Printing Inks, Paints, Latex Emulsions, Latex Binders for Carpets, Adhesives, Paper Coating Operations, Lubricating Oil Industry, Textile Finishes, Water Treatment, Effluent Plants, Vat Dyes, Aqueous Pesticides, Fertilizer etc.
  Mix the Add-Eco 5517 with Water in 1:3 ratio (1 Part Silicone Defoamer + 3 Parts Water) and this dilution may be incorporated to the system with agitation to disperse thoroughly.
  Although Add-Eco 5514 is supplied in stable Emulsion form, if convenient, shake or Roll the container of Add-Eco 5517 before removing the same from container.


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