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Coupling MUVP coupling elastic bush finger Krasar

Coupling MUVP coupling elastic bush finger Krasar

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The plant manufactures couplings with a diameter of up to 400 mm inclusive of steel grade 35 according to GOST 1050 - 60. Steel couplings have a much longer service life than cast iron couplings. Couplings Ø500 mm are made of cast iron grade SCH 21 - 40 according to GOST 1412 - 54; GOST 21424 - 93

Finger couplings are used to connect the shafts, to transfer rotational motion between them. In addition, couplings of this type reduce dynamic loads, compensate for misalignment of shafts and load fluctuations.

The main advantages of these parts include the use of rubber fingers without metal cores. Such a pin clutch allows for minimal stress on shafts and bearings, and wear of the pins does not cause an increase in unbalance.
This type of coupling is ideal for drives that operate with fluctuating loads.

Of the elastic couplings, the simplest in their design are the MUVP couplings (elastic sleeve - finger couplings). Such couplings consist of 2 coupling halves, which are connected by metal "fingers" with elastic rubber bushings fixed to them (hence the name: pin - sleeve). The rubber bushings have grooves that increase the elasticity of the elements. Due to their deformation, the mutual displacement of the two coupling halves occurs, which provides compensation for the displacements of the connected shafts. For greater compliance, rubber bushings may have corrugations. Due to such rubber bushings, shocks are successfully amortized during load fluctuations.
The elasticity of the shaft connection is achieved by the fingers, on which leather washers or rubber cuffs are put on. Such pins - bolts are inserted into the leading coupling half with the metal part, and into the driven half with the elastic part.
The performance of pin couplings is determined by the strength of rubber bushings and pin bolts. As a rule, bushings can work effectively in the environment of water, oil, air, kerosene and gasoline. Operating temperature - 30°С + 50°С. In addition, the parts are able to withstand long - term compressive stress and short - term sharp overloads.


MUVP couplings are widely used due to the simplicity of design and ease of replacement of elastic elements, which are produced in two versions: in the traditional version - bushings and in the modern version - rings. These bushings and rings are prefabricated elements of MUVP and are completely interchangeable, since their internal and external dimensions are the same. At the same time, several rings can be put on the finger instead of one sleeve. In this case, a structure will be formed that is not inferior in strength and reliability to a solid bushing.

Trying to ensure the longest possible operation of your equipment, the bushing manufacturer ensures the highest quality of its products, using only high - quality raw materials and modern equipment in production.


Purpose: MUVP are designed to transmit engine torque to the gearbox and from the gearbox to the machine. Couplings smooth out dynamic loads when starting and stopping the engine. They allow a slight displacement of the axes of the shafts.

Attention consumers! At the request of consumers, the plant manufactures special gear couplings with diameters other than standard ones. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the required value of the nominal torque Tcr, the required overall and connecting dimensions.


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Coupling MUVP coupling elastic bush finger Krasar
Coupling MUVP coupling elastic bush finger Krasar
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