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Adhesive tapes are a unique spectrum on the scope self-adhesive tapes with rubber, acrylic and silicone glues. Allow precisely, accurately, quickly and strongly to make installation, gluing, assembly, sealing various advertising designs, posters, boards, signboards to make fast registration of shops, show-windows, information tablets, screens, are irreplaceable at installation at exhibitions, installation of photos and other images in light plafonds, fastening of plastic planes, carpet coverings.

Occurrence more 20 years ago bilateral sticky tapes ORACAL became revolution in the field of assembly means and technologies. Many stereotypes since then have failed. For example, that installation necessarily should be mechanical. In fact in the beginning nobody could and imagine that the sticky tape can give connection, which durability not below, and at times and above durability of mechanical fastening. Besides tapes allow to keep a surface of connected materials untouched and equal, and a line of connection of details - imperceptible. Installation by means of tapes occurs instantly, thus many labor-consuming operations are excluded: drilling of apertures, welding works, installation of fixing elements. Simultaneously tapes give new opportunities in the field of design and give greater freedom at designing, allowing to create a design, actually impracticable at application of traditional means of installation. To tapes ORACAL words "corrosion" and "ageing" are unknown. At any time year, in conditions of any climate they provide strong reliable connection.

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Bilateral adhesive tapes
Bilateral adhesive tapes
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